[PVE-User] IOMMU and Interrupt Remapping

Craig Jones cj0nes at live.com
Fri Mar 8 03:43:24 CET 2019


I'm trying to gauge if I should use Proxmox on an Intel-based or AMD-based system. A major factor that's contributing to this is IOMMU support, but more specifically, Interrupt Remapping support.

Based on this<https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Pci_passthrough> article, it seems that both AMD and Intel support IOMMU, but Interrupt Remapping is not as widely supported. I thought IOMMU and Interrupt Remapping always went hand-in-hand. Is this not the case? Does Proxmox have better Interrupt Remapping support for one type of system over the other?


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