[PVE-User] pve-firewall, clustering and HA gone bad

JR Richardson jmr.richardson at gmail.com
Thu Jun 13 22:08:51 CEST 2019

> On 6/13/19 3:29 PM, Horace wrote:
> > Should this stuff be in 'help' documentation ?
> The thing with the resolved ringX_ addresses?
> Hmm, it would not hurt if something regarding this is written there.
> But it isn't as black and white, and often depends a lot on the
> preferences of the admin(s) and their setup/environment.
> Some hints could probably given, especially for a IPv6 addition/switch,
> as the getaddrinfo preference of IPv6 over IPv4 if both are configured
> has often bitten people (see /etc/gai.conf , man gai.conf), not only with
> clustering or PVE.
> A few other hints could probably thrown into that too..
> Stefan (CCd), would you be willing to take a look at this and expand the
> "Cluster Network" section from the pvecm chapter in pve-docs a bit
> regarding this? That'd be great.

Hi All,

Sorry to hijack thread, but I was about to perform a 10 node cluster
upgrade and after reading above, I have some reservations.

I did a mix of versions 4.x and 5.x nodes over the last couple of
years and my corosync.conf file has a mix of 'ring0_addr' entries as
DNS name and IP Address. All node hosts files are up to date with all
nodes in the cluster. I'm running PVE 5.2-5 across all nodes, seems to
be working fine, no issues.

Should I update corosync.conf 'ring0_addr:' entries to all IP
Addresses before attempting the upgrade?

If so, I assume I have to stop the pmxcfs and or corosync, update the
file on any node, then restart cluster service on the that node to
push update to all nodes?


JR Richardson
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