[PVE-User] Proxmox VE 6.0 released!

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Tue Jul 16 16:57:29 CEST 2019

On 7/16/19 4:38 PM, Alain péan wrote:
> *ceph-disk has been removed*: After upgrading it is not possible to create new OSDs without upgrading to Ceph Nautilus.
> So it willbe mandatory to upgrade to Ceph Nautilus, in addition to the other changes ?

yes, if you upgrade to 6.x you will need to upgrade Ceph to Nautilus sooner or later.



We upgraded internal production clusters and a lot of test setups
without issues, so I think it should be dooable, especially if tried
out in a test setup first.


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