[PVE-User] how to add existing partition as Volume Group ?

Gianni Milo gianni.milo22 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 19:05:16 CEST 2019

Have you created a PV and VG to be able to actually use that space on PVE?

Once you do that, you can add that VG to PVE storage providers.

You could then  add a LVM based disk, from that storage provider, to the
Freenas VM.

Don't think that a virtualized Freenas is a good idea, especially for
production use, but that's up to you ...


From: Roland @web.de <devzero at web.de>
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2019 at 10:49
Subject: [PVE-User] how to add existing partition as Volume Group ?
To: PVE User List <pve-user at pve.proxmox.com>


i want to make remaining space of the two SSD boot disks available to
Proxmox VMs, so i created a forth Partition on those of type "LVM".

How can i make these available in Disks->LVM (i.e. proxmox managed LVM
storage), as the webgui only lets select me whole disks as LVM storage ?

I want to add LVM volumes on SSD to virtual machine to be used as ZFS
Slog/L2Arc in virtual FreeNas.


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