[PVE-User] Join cluster first time - problem

lord_Niedzwiedz sir_Misiek1 at o2.pl
Wed Jan 23 16:29:22 CET 2019

"WARNING: Adding a node to the cluster will delete it's current 
/etc/pve/storage.cfg. If you have VMs stored on the node, be prepared to 
add back your storage locations if necessary. Even though the storage 
locations disappear from the GUI, your data is still there."
I add node to cluster.
But lost local-zfs.
Now i heave only "local" and nothing in added node.
"could not activate storage 'local-zfs', zfs error: cannot import 
'rpool': no such pool available (500)"
How i make recover this.

At node 1 I had local-zfs.
On node 2  (including added) i had local-lvm
I do not see the latter, but I have changed the configuration in 
/etc/pve/storages.cfd for node2 from local-lvm to local-zfs  ;-/
> Regards ;)
> Gregory
>> Hi,
>> Seems you have VMs on host2. Please read:
>> https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Proxmox_VE_4.x_Cluster#Adding_nodes_to_the_Cluster 
>> Cheers
>> El 23/1/19 a las 15:37, lord_Niedzwiedz escribió:
>>>         I do it first time.
>>> I create cluster ok on host1:
>>> pvecm create klaster1
>>> pvecm status
>>> And on host2 i try:
>>> pvecm add toms.komndr.pl
>>> detected the following error(s):
>>> * this host already contains virtual guests
>>> Check if node may join a cluster failed!
>>> what i do wrong ??
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