[PVE-User] Is there a way to permit to start up VMs when no quorum?

Denis Morejon denis.morejon at etecsa.cu
Mon Jan 7 19:39:06 CET 2019

Could you give me an example please?

In practice, I know a lot of people that are afraid of building a 
cluster because of the lost of quorum, an have a plain html web page 
with the url of each node instead. And this is sad. This is like 
assuming that the most important thing is to have the VMs UP!

El 7/1/19 a las 13:23, Dietmar Maurer escribió:
>> I don't know the idea behind keeping a VM from starting up when no
>> quorum. It has been maybe, since my point of view, the worst of managing
>> Proxmox cluster, because the stability of services (VM up and running)
>> had to be first (before the sync of information, for instance).
>> Is there a way to bypass this and permit to start up a VM even on no quorum?
> No. This is required to avoid split brain ...

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