[PVE-User] Shared storage recommendations

Patrice Levesque pve.wayne at ptaff.ca
Tue Feb 26 17:30:10 CET 2019

> We also requested an offer for a Dell Compellent iSCSI setup. Anyone
> has any experience with these? What's your (horror-)story?

We use a Dell Compellent SAN here, with iSCSI available but disabled, as
we're interfacing it with FibreChannel.  Only horror story that happened
was a few years ago when a previous sysadmin “forgot” to replace failing
drives despite repeated warnings; at one point there were no more spares
and the SAN turned read-only.  Recovery was possible but obviously a

There are gazillion software module options on those Compellent, make
sure you're aware of their (recurring) cost and scope before you invest.

Oh, and I thought those things were standard, but at least for the model
we use the SNMP interface will only give you basic info, like failing
drives and uptime; if you want actual useful performance data, you'll
need to run Windows software (which has an API you can use; check

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