[PVE-User] Shared storage recommendations

Eneko Lacunza elacunza at binovo.es
Tue Feb 26 17:21:28 CET 2019


El 26/2/19 a las 10:41, Thomas Lamprecht escribió:
> On 2/25/19 6:22 PM, Frederic Van Espen wrote:
>> We're designing a new datacenter network where we will run proxmox nodes on
>> about 30 servers. Of course, shared storage is a part of the design.
>> What kind of shared storage would anyone recommend based on their
>> experience and what kind of network equipment would be essential in that
>> design? Let's assume for a bit that budget is not constrained too much. We
>> should be able to afford a vendor specific iSCSI device, or be able to
>> implement an open source solution like Ceph.
>> Concerning storage space and IOPS requirements, we're very modest in the
>> current setup (about 13TB storage space used, very modest IOPS, about 6500
>> write IOPS and 4200 read IOPS currently distributed in the whole network
>> according to the prometheus monitoring).
>> Key in the whole setup is day to day maintainability and scalability.
> I'd use ceph then. Scalability is something ceph is just made for, and
> maintainability is also really not to bad, IMO. You can do CTs and VMs on
> normal blockdevices (rdb) and also have a file based shared FS (cephFS) both
> well integrated into PVE frontend/backend, which other shared storage systems
> aren't.
We maintain 8 tiny Proxmox clusters with shared storage, 7 of them use 
Ceph and the other an EMC VNXe3200 iSCSI device.

VNXe3200 works well (a bit slow maybe) and doesn't seem to be able to scale.

Ceph has worked really well for us, even the clusters being tiny (3 to 4 
nodes). You'll have to learn a bit about Ceph, but it really pays off 
and the integration in Proxmox is really cool.

Just use the money saved on iSCSI propietary stuff on some more 
servers/disks and get better performance an reliability.


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