[PVE-User] Loadbalancing SPICE

Jean R. Franco jfranco at maila.net.br
Tue Feb 19 20:02:15 CET 2019

Hi Mark,

Take a look here:

I really wanted to use apache guacamole for that.


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We deliver customers their own Proxmox cluster and decided to do that
IPv6-only, behind an IPv4-enabled HAProxy setup. This all works well,
the webinterface functions as expected, NoVNC nicely switches along with
migrations, not an issue. Until a customer wanted to use SPICE.

I've been looking into SPICE and what I can configure for it, and it
seems that it is like HTTP, but nog suitable for vhosting. But I'm no
expert on SPICE, and I expect that there are people on this list that
know much more about it.

Has anyone succeeded in loadbalancing SPICE, or does anybody know what I
should change in Proxmox settings to make this possible?


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