[PVE-User] Overwhelming Migration to EC2

BSD bsd at todoo.biz
Mon Feb 18 23:43:20 CET 2019

Use OVH - they are offering native proxmox hosting !

At a fraction of the cost you are about to spend in excellent DC conditions !

You might have to upgrade to proxmox enterprise repo to be up to date with changes.

> On lundi, févr. 18, 2019 at 9:24 PM, John C. Reid <john at shasta.com (mailto:john at shasta.com)> wrote:
> I have been using ProxMox to host our VMs for a couple of years now and
> I really like it. Unfortunately the last couple weeks have been an eye
> opener. We had a fire earlier this month and last week a storm caused
> power to be down for several days. Because of this we discovered that
> our Generator is shot as it was cycling between 56Hz and 64Hz causing
> surges of power. It killed my primary AC, a few managed switches, and a
> few other pieces of equipment. The crux of this being that management
> has made the decision that I need to migrate everything to Amazon AWS.
> The vast majority of my VMs cannot be simply rebuilt in EC2. I need to
> be able to migrate them over using an export/import. It seems that
> Amazon has the ability to import from OVA, VMDK, VHD, and RAW but
> imports from RAW into EC2 fail if coming from KVM because of the kernel.
> It also seems that KVM has been left out in the cold when it comes to
> its existence being recognized by Amazon. I have found that anytime
> Amazon documentation fails to specifically say what hypervisor the
> export/import documentation is for, it is assumed to be VMWare. In
> short, it appears that I am going to have to use "qemu-img convert" to
> convert my VMs to VMWare prior to attempting to import them.
> My ProxMox server is currently hosting 16 VM, all of the KVM/QEMU type,
> stored as RAW on Stripped Mirrored vDev ZPools (I have two separate
> pools attached as Primary Storage and Secondary Storage and the VMs are
> roughly split between them.) The OS itself is on a pair of mirrored SSDs
> in a hardware RAID 1. It has been running a dream, but as I said, I have
> to figure out how to get my VMs off of it and into EC2 instances.
> Does anybody have experience doing this? It is all a bit overwhelming. I
> could really use some help with a viable roadmap from somebody that has
> done this. At the same time I am trying to figure this out I am also
> doing several Hyper-V VMs, some physical machines, designing the VPC,
> and possibly moving a /24 of IP space to an IP pool in AWS. On that last
> one I am really scratching my head. I can't advertise the IPs here and
> at Amazon at the same time, the /24 is a subset in the middle of a /20
> we own and advertise via BGP. Also the /24 I would be moving is in use
> by all of the servers (they want to migrate each IP with the server
> currently using it.) If all of that is not enough. It is just me -- I am
> the IT department. Thank you in advance for any help you can
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