[PVE-User] local zfs storage for backups and running VM images

lists lists at merit.unu.edu
Mon Feb 18 19:21:04 CET 2019


I would like (if possible) to store VMs and backups on local 6TB 
mirrored zfs volumes on our three-node proxmox cluster. (secondary to 
the ceph storage that we also use)

So, what I did: In the proxmox GUI created on all nodes a local mirrored 
ZFS storage, used for storing running VM images called:
 > zfs-pve1 (similar for pve2, pve3)

(to my suprise these then also appear on the datacenter level, as 
storage, non-shared)

Then, for each node, I created a dataset 'backups' in the zfs pool:
 > zfs create zfs-pve1/backups (similar for pve2, pve3)
 > zfs set mountpoint=/mnt/zfs zfs-pve1/backups (similar for pve2, pve3)

Finally, I created a datacenter-wide storage of type 'directory', set to 
/mnt/zfs, for backups and iso images, and edited my backups to use this 
as a target.

(it's secondary backup, and yes, I realise that backups should not be 
hosted on the same server)

Having read on the forums many do's and don't on using zfs for VM images 
and backups, I believe the above config is safe and healthy? Am I 
correct? :-)

Can I assume pve to auto-mount the defined zfs mount points on boot?



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