[PVE-User] Proxmox VE 6.1 released!

Gilles Pietri contact+dev at gilouweb.com
Wed Dec 4 12:11:46 CET 2019

Le 04/12/2019 à 10:38, Martin Maurer a écrit :
> Hi all,
> We are very excited to announce the general availability of Proxmox VE 6.1.
> It is built on Debian Buster 10.2 and a specially modified Linux Kernel 5.3, QEMU 4.1.1, LXC 3.2, ZFS 0.8.2, Ceph (Nautilus), Corosync 3.0, and more of the current leading open-source virtualization technologies.
> This release brings new configuration options available in the GUI which make working with Proxmox VE even more comfortable and secure. Editing the cluster-wide bandwidth limit for traffic types such as migration, backup-restore, clone, etc. is possible via the GUI. If the optional package ifupdown2 of the Debian network interface manager is installed, it’s now possible to change the network configuration and reload it in the Proxmox web interface without a reboot. We have improvements to 2-factor authentication with TOTP and U2F.
> The HA stack has been improved and comes with a new 'migrate' shutdown policy, migrating running services to another node on shutdown.
> In the storage backend, all features offered by newer kernels with Ceph and KRBD are supported with version 6.1.
> We have some notable bug fixes, one of them being the QEMU monitor timeout issue or stability improvements for corosync. Countless other bugfixes and smaller improvements are listed in the release notes.


This is amazing, thanks a lot for your work, it is appreciated. Proxmox
truly is a wonderful project and both the community and the company
behind it deserves every thanks and support for their nice work.

Setting up the update test bed right now!


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