[PVE-User] dual host HA solution in 5.2

Adam Weremczuk adamw at matrixscience.com
Fri Sep 28 17:13:37 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I have 2 identical servers, each having 4 NICs + Management and 15 x 
500GB disks.

I'm trying Proxmox VE 5.2 and just found out the default recommended HA 
solution requires 3 hosts, which I don't have.

I'm only planning to stick to Debian stretch and LXC containers.

I have the following architecture in mind on each:

- RAID1 virtual disk (2 disks) - 500GB space for Proxmox and containers 
(Samba AD, LDAP, Cyrus mail, MySQL and a few more).

I will try to import pre-baked Turnkey Linux server apps: 

If there is insufficient space they start using storage which will be:

- RAID50 (6 + 6 disks) + 1 hot spare virtual disk - 5 TB of storage 
space. This disk will be synced between servers over 2 directly 
connected bonded gigabit links using DRBD/pacemaker/corosys.

Something similar to: 

- each host is connected to a core switch with 2 bonded gigabit links 
using LAG/LACP (this is already in place and working nicely).

- LXC containers will be kept in sync on application level (2 domain 
controllers, MySQL replication etc.)

- everything will be backed up by a dedicated Bacula server to LTO tapes 
with off site rotation.

I should be able to take one node offline at any time.

If I pause storage replication beforehand then it should cause no 

If the master node goes boom without warning then I guess  some downtime 
is possible.

E.g. if the slave storage needs to run some consistency / filesystem check.

With my solution I'm not too concerned about performance or few hours of 

But data loss or prolonged outages are unacceptable.

Please advise if you have better ideas!


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