[PVE-User] Cant connect to ceph anymore

Marcus Haarmann marcus.haarmann at midoco.de
Fri Sep 14 08:00:17 CEST 2018


so the client is updated to luminous but kernel not (?) 
Maybe you should downgrade for the moment, as jewel clients are supported. 

Marcus Haarmann 

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Betreff: Re: [PVE-User] Cant connect to ceph anymore 

Hey Marcus, 

Thanks for your Message. 

Am 13. September 2018 22:58:04 MESZ schrieb Marcus Haarmann <marcus.haarmann at midoco.de>: 
>so you would drive a 12.2 (luminous) service with a 10.x (jewel) 

Sorry, with 

"The last Step was to Update the ceph Client on this proxmox node, but now i am Not able to connect to the ceph Storage anymore :*(" 

I ment ive upgraded this Node to 12.2.x, too. After this i had the descriped issue. 

>Just a thought: 
>Check the "ceph features" output on your server if it allows jewel 
>Sample output should contain a group with a jewel attribute in the 
>client section. 

This is clean. All other Node are already luminous (but with PVE 5.x) 

>If this is not the case, try to set: 
>ceph osd set-require-min-compat-client jewel 

It is already On Jewel, becouse ive upgraded from Jewel but didnt set this to luminous till all Node are Running luminous fine. 

Hope you or someone Else has Another idea why i can not See my Images through the proxmox GUI anymore - and so i can not start my appropriate vms. 

- Mehmet 

>(which should be default for luminous, but can be removed which leads 
>to incompability) 
>Check this link for details: 
>Maybe this helps, good luck 
>Marcus Haarmann 
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>Betreff: [PVE-User] Cant connect to ceph anymore 
>I had a proxmox 4.x Server with installed ceph Jewel (10.x) via 
>The ceph Cluster is standalone Not managed by proxmox. 
>I could use this ceph Cluster without any issues and the vms working 
>Now I upgraded my ceph Cluster to 12.2.x and was still able to connect 
>my vms via proxmox (qemu/librbd). 
>The last Step was to Update the ceph Client on this proxmox node, but 
>now i am Not able to connect to the ceph Storage anymore :*( 
>Actually i cannot Update the proxmox Node to 5.x because there is a 
>important vm Running with local Storage. 
>Proxmox Show me a empty list when i want to Browse the ceph Cluster 
>through the gui - but i dont get any error. 
>Any suggestions? 
>Thanks in advise 
>- Mehmet 
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