[PVE-User] Cant connect to ceph anymore

proxmox at elchaka.de proxmox at elchaka.de
Thu Sep 13 19:41:13 CEST 2018


I had a proxmox 4.x Server with installed ceph Jewel (10.x) via ceph-deploy.

The ceph Cluster is standalone Not managed by proxmox.

I could use this ceph Cluster without any issues and the vms working fine. 

Now I upgraded my ceph Cluster to 12.2.x and was still able to connect my vms via proxmox (qemu/librbd).

The last Step was to Update the ceph Client on this proxmox node, but now i am Not able to connect to the ceph Storage anymore :*(

Actually i cannot Update the proxmox Node to 5.x because there is a important  vm Running with local Storage.

Proxmox Show me a empty list when i want  to Browse the ceph Cluster through the gui - but i dont get any error. 

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advise
- Mehmet 

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