[PVE-User] Cloning a running VM - is it safe?

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Tue Sep 4 16:39:28 CEST 2018

live cloning don't use snapshot, but use qemu drive mirror (like move disk),
but at the end, don't do the switch from current disk to new disk.

It should work in almost all cases, but be carefull, I don't think that
pending write in memory are flushed to new disk.

(It's like you clone it, and at the end, you poweroff it).

so maybe some writes just before the end can be lost.

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Objet: [PVE-User] Cloning a running VM - is it safe?


When I clone the running VM, is it in the brackground doing a temp. 
snapshot which gets cloned? (if relevant, the source VM is using a ZFS 

I have not found this info the docs. 

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