[PVE-User] NVMe

lord_Niedzwiedz sir_Misiek1 at o2.pl
Tue Oct 30 15:08:22 CET 2018

         I set legacy boot in bios.
Use only one disk with lvm.
And system not start with this.

Any sugestion ?
>> I have a problem.
>> Im trying to install Proxmox on 4 NVMe drives.
>> One on the motherboard, two on the PCIe.
>> Proxmox see everything at the installation.
>> I give the option zfs (RAIDZ-1).
>> And I get a mistake error at the end.
>> "unable to create zfs root pool"
> GRUB is not yet working with ZFS on EFI. Try to switch to legacy boot in
> BIOS if possible or use LVM for the installation.
>> Attached pictures (1-5) .jpg.
>> https://help.komandor.pl/Wymiana/1.jpg
>> https://help.komandor.pl/Wymiana/2.jpg
>> https://help.komandor.pl/Wymiana/3.jpg
>> https://help.komandor.pl/Wymiana/4.jpg
>> https://help.komandor.pl/Wymiana/5.jpg

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