[PVE-User] please help setup correctly proxmox cluster

Юрий Авдеев yury-avdeyev at ya.ru
Mon Oct 22 12:27:22 CEST 2018

Hi and thanks for reply!

Thanks for idea, but take a look to my setup step by step, maybe I miss something?

1. Hardware
Node1 - supermicro server with good cpu and 256Gb RAM, 3 15k SAS, 5 SSD's.
Node2 - absolutely same server like Node1
Node3 - small little PC with 4Gb RAM and one 500Gb SATA disk
Network 1Gbps via VLAN (nodes are not in the same place)

What I need: Virtual Machine in H/A mode (if some of two nodes die, vm should be started up on the second node)

2. My configuration steps on Node1 and Node2:
- In first of all of course is clear installation of Proxmox 5.2-1 to every node
- In disk section of installer I prepare ZFS setup with 3 SAS 15k disks in ZFS-RAID1 mode
- Network for nodes is placed in private subnet
- After install process I will configure addition file storage with 5 SSDs in ZFS-RAIDz3 mode

3. My config steps on Node3:
- Simple install proxmox 5.2-1 on 500Gb SATA disk with ext4 and default LVM setup
- Network for node is placed in private subnet too

4. Configuring proxmox:
- I logged via web to Node2 and configure Cluster (in web - Datacenter => Cluster => Create cluster)
- Then I will login to Node1 and click "Join Cluster", then I'll copy here join info and cluster ready
- After that I will configure local storage parameters, and check SSDs storage for use only with this two nodes
- Now its time to add Node3. Paste join information and cluster is online with 3 nodes and quorum.

5. Virtual machine.
- VM is created and placed on node2
- Same physically network is used (but another IP subnet)
- Setting up replication for this VM to node1 (every minute */1)
- Setting up H/A for this machine and request "started" state
- Then I'll create Group in H/A where I will check only node1 and node2, also I will check "restricted" checkbox

Setup is works fine. If some node dies, VM will be started after fencing will completes.
But this setup will die after one-two days.
After that, Cluster is looks like not defined, but nodes are still avaliable for each other on the network.
VM does not works, all work is stalled.

I read in manuals something about MASTER node... May be I must register node3 as master?
But if I do that, I won't get SSD's storage, what is presend on node1 and node2, but not on node3.

Thanks everyone for reply! 

С уважением, 
Юрий Авдеев

22.10.2018, 11:28, "proxmox-user at mattern.org" <proxmox-user at mattern.org>:
> Hi,
> maybe you have a problem with IGMP snooping? What means "dying"? What
> does it do?
> You can test to use UDP instead of mcasts in corosync (see
> https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Multicast_notes)
> Marcus
> Am 22.10.18 um 07:02 schrieb Юрий Авдеев:
>>  Hello everyone,
>>  Please sorry for bad english. About three times I trying to set up proxmox cluster, but still unsuccessful.
>>  Cluster works greatly about one-two days and then just dying.
>>  Nodes are responses to each other with ICMP, but Cluster is dead and no quorum to power on any virt machine.
>>  I don't know what I do wrong. Clear install.
>>  What I need: Two hosts (node1 and node2) with one virtual machine in replication without shared storage.
>>  If one of two hosts is dead - virtual machine will starts in other hosts. Node3 is online, only for quorum, not for virt.
>>  I using ZFS for storage on hosts. Please help me to understand, how I must set up this thing correctly.
>>  Great thanks everybody!
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