[PVE-User] SAN and correctly propagate 'discard'...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Tue Oct 9 15:12:18 CEST 2018

My SAN (HP MSA 1040) have 'virtual volume' enabled, eg discard.

I've had to use directly some LUN in some VM, via iSCSI, and 'fstrim'
works as expected.

Now i'm using for some disks in my VMs, as storage of type 'LVM'.

But if i look at disk space on SAN, it is coherent with the real disk
space occupied.
While, in Proxmox, the storage volume are full or near full.

Example, VM:
 root at vdmsv1:~# df -h | grep sdc
 /dev/sdc1       800G  519G    282G  65% /home
 /dev/sdc2      1000G  152G    848G  16% /srv

Proxmox node:
 root at tessier:~# pvesm status | grep DATA0
 DATA0     lvm 1      1953120256      1887436800        65683456 97.14%
 root at tessier:~# pvesm list DATA0
 DATA0:vm-120-disk-1   raw 1932735283200 120

and SAN report 730GB allocated.

Clearly disks of VM have 'discard' enabled, but seems that discard/trim
does not ''traverse'' all the storage chains (partition in the VM,
LV/PV/VG in proxmox node, iSCSI in the SAN).

Clearly i cannot use 'LVM Thin', because is not shared.


Someone can give me some clue? Thanks.

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