[PVE-User] VM encryption and high availability

Martin LEUSCH sce.tech at imereos.fr
Fri Oct 5 16:55:49 CEST 2018


I have a Proxmox cluster and use LVM over iSCSI as storage. As I didn't 
own the iSCSI server, I plane to encrypt some disk image to increase 

Firstly, I didn't found a way to encrypt iSCSI target or LVM logical 
volume and use them in Proxmox, is there a way to achieve that? What 
about ZFS over iSCSI or other configuration?

An other way is to encrypt data at the guest OS level by using LUKS for 
data partition for example but my VMs need to start without any manual 
action to keep high availability on my VMs. Are there any tools that can 
help to keep LUKS keys in secure location?

Any other suggestion to do encryption with Proxmox?


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