[PVE-User] dual host HA solution in 5.2

Ronny Aasen ronny+pve-user at aasen.cx
Mon Oct 1 13:24:10 CEST 2018

On 10/1/18 12:06 PM, Adam Weremczuk wrote:
> Hi Ronny,
> Do you know if it's possible to have the 2 "real nodes" holding all the 
> data connected directly with a 2 x 1 Gbps bond and the third "dummy" 
> quorum member (tiny VM) accessible via standard LAN interface, i.e. 
> traffic going through LAN switches and VMware bond?
> My 2 servers have 4 Ethernet ports each so it seams to make sense.
> Sync data between them faster without clogging up the LAN.
> Or purchasing a new switch for them to share and introducing a single 
> point of failure.
> Regards,
> Adam

if you want synchronized data replication 1Gbps is going to be a royal 
pain anyway. the latency will make everything slow.
so you must either look at async replication. Or look at improving the 
cluster network.

I have used 10Gbps "mesh" networks between hosts before. But with the 
low cost of 10Gbps switches nowadays it is pointless complexity.

dac cables + one of these, is my goto for cheap clusters now.

for redundancy if you can not do proper mclag switches you can look at

kind regards
Ronny Aasen

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