[PVE-User] dual host HA solution in 5.2

Adam Weremczuk adamw at matrixscience.com
Mon Oct 1 10:23:10 CEST 2018

Hi Mark,

If restricted to 2 servers, without a 3rd dummy quorum node, I'm not 
really planning to replicate the containers.
They would be running in parallel and keep in sync on application level 
(e.g. log file based MySQL replication).
The storage virtual disk or partition will only be used for NFS and CIFS 
file sharing (Samba AD).
The idea is to eliminate need for any manual intervention, downtime and 
keep data in sync as much as possible.
I still haven't decided and considering props and cons of different 


On 28/09/18 19:02, Mark Adams wrote:
> If you have to stick with 2 servers, personally I would go for zfs as your
> storage. Storage replication using zfs in proxmox has been made super
> simple.
> This is asynchronous though, unlike DRBD. You would have to manually start
> your VM's should the "live" node go down and the data will be out of date
> depending on how frequently you've told it to sync. IMO, this is a decent
> setup if you are limited to 2 servers and is very simple.
> Then you also get the great features such as high performance snapshots
> (LVM sucks at this..), clones and even really simple replication to another
> server (IE a disaster recovery location) with pve-zsync. Not to mention all
> the other features of zfs - compression, checksumming etc (google it if you
> don't know).
> Regards,
> Mark

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