[PVE-User] Local interface on Promox server

Ulrich Huber ulrich.huber at heureka.co.at
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BTW, I take advantage of the discussion about the serial port. In
Congo it’s hard to find an original serial-to-usb cable to plug our
PBX to one of our VMs. Prolific made an update and all our cables are
not working anymore. This was the only way to easily plug our RS232
PBX to a VM.

While waiting to find an original converter, is there a way to
redirect a serial port (/dev/ttyS0) to a Windows VM, creating a COM
port connected to the linux serial port?

[Ulrich Huber] Try the solution proposed on https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22624653/create-a-virtual-serial-port-connection-over-tcp

It´s sharing the seriell port on the host-side via tcp/ip and connecting to it from your windows-guest. Same solution we use here with some AIT-devices, we share them via iscsi and connect from the guest....

Regards, Adnan RIHAN

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