[PVE-User] Local interface on Promox server

Yannis Milios yannis.milios at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 16:25:45 CET 2018

 We don’t have any client machine in the server room, so
> when we fix something in the room (cables, routing, etc…), we need to
> go out and check the VMs on another machine outside the room,
> sometimes making us come back, etc…

Is it really that difficult to get a laptop in the server room to manage
the servers?

> I know VMs can be controlled by command line using qemu, but is there
> another way to locally control the machines on the Proxmox server,
> except by installing a desktop manager and pointing the web browser on
> localhost:8006? Is it even safe to do that?

Personally I would avoid installing a full Desktop environment on the PVE
hosts. Apart from adding unnecessary load, it can also
expand the attack surface on the servers. If you insist though, I would
recommend a simple Window Manager instead,
something like Fluxbox for example.

We have a KVM in our bay, we can physically access the machines, is
> there maybe a way to physically be connected to a VM (as if we were
> physically connected to a Windows VM for instance)?

None that I'm aware of, but sounds like you are trying to over complicate
things... :)


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