[PVE-User] hdparm and fio in ProxMox raidZ

lord_Niedzwiedz sir_Misiek1 at o2.pl
Wed Nov 7 15:51:37 CET 2018

     I heave RAIDZ partition in Proxmox.
How can I test the speed of this  ??!!

I lvm i do:
hdparm -tT /dev/nvme0n1
hdparm -tT /dev/mapper/pve-root

fio --filename=/dev/mapper/pve-root --direct=1 --rw=read --bs=1m 
--size=2G --numjobs=200 --runtime=60 --group_reporting --name=file1

But in RAIDZ i dont heave /dev/mapper/pve-root.

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