[PVE-User] View firewall rule with pvesh

Yannick Palanque yannick.ml at palanque.name
Thu Nov 1 16:05:16 CET 2018


I run PVE 5.2.

I hope it isn't a silly question but I searched quite long.

I want to view a firewall rule with the API and pvesh.
   pvesh get /nodes/toto/qemu/107/firewall/rules/
I can view that I have 6 firewall rules.

I can easily delete a rule with
   pvesh delete /nodes/toto/qemu/107/firewall/rules/7

I thought that I could view a particular rule but I can't have more
information than:
   pvesh get /nodes/toto/qemu/107/firewall/rules/5
   │ key │ value │
   │ pos │ 5     │

The API viewer describes "Get single rule data" still.
Is there a way to view the settings for a particular rule?

And a remark:
It's written on <https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Proxmox_VE_API> that
pvesh "can be run interactively" (entering PVE shell) but it doesn't
work ("ERROR: no command specified").


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