[PVE-User] Can I get some assistance with installing proxmox on Dell Poweredge R815 servers

Pina, Bruce BPina at bahakel.com
Fri May 25 21:34:17 CEST 2018

We are evaluating Proxmox as a replacement for our Citrix Xenserver environment. So far we've been pleased with what we have seen on the test system we built out using 2 Dell Poweredge R715 servers. The problem we are running into is when attempting to install proxmox on one of the Poweredge R815 servers that make up the bulk of our Xenserver infrastructure. We currently have a dozen of these servers in house, and having to replace them would be beyond what our budget can manage. The issue with installing on the R815 has to do with the proxmox installation process not detecting RAID arrays configured on the Perc H700 embedded RAID controllers that are in the machines. I have seen from some research online that there are other people who have apparently successfully installed proxmox on the R815 using the H700, but I have not been able to learn how they pulled it off. Can someone please provide some guidance in this matter as we feel that this minor stumbling block is keeping us from a successful displacement of Xenserver by Proxmox. Thank you.

Bruce Pina
Corporate IT Manager
Bahakel Communications Ltd.
bpina at bahakel.com<mailto:bpina at bahakel.com>

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