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Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Fri Mar 23 18:11:38 CET 2018

Thanks for your script, I was looking for something like that.

I'll try it next week and try to debug.

I'm seeing 2 improvements:

- check that shared storage is available on target node
- take ksm value in memory count. (with ksm enable, we can have all nodes at 80% memory usage, but with differents ksm usage)

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I have a script that is able to automatically move around VM's so the 
load on the clusternodes is somewhat equal. You can find the script 
here: https://tuxis.bestandonline.nl/index.php/s/JzH3cz2wGdY8QXs 

It's called pmbalance. 

Now, since 4.4 I have the issue that I can no longer get info or 
commands from other nodes than the node I'm running this script on. I 
get "500 proxy not allowed" as soon as I get to 'get_vm_description()'. 

What am I doing wrong? Thanks! 

root at proxmox2-4:~# ./pmbalance --verbose --dry-run 
V: Looking for nodes on this cluster.. 
V: Found proxmox2-4 
V: Found proxmox2-5 
V: Found proxmox2-2 
V: Found proxmox2-1 
V: Found proxmox2-3 
V: Calculating the average memory free on the cluster 
V: proxmox2-2 is at 26% free 
V: proxmox2-4 is at 39% free 
V: proxmox2-1 is at 69% free 
V: proxmox2-3 is at 19% free 
V: proxmox2-5 is at 20% free 
V: Which is: 34% 
V: We should lower usage of proxmox2-3 by: 15% to reach 34% 
V: 15 of 67524956160 = 10128743424 bytes 
V: proxmox2-1 will receive the VM 
V: Looking for migratable VMs on proxmox2-3 
500 proxy not allowed 

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