[PVE-User] Request New Features for Web-UI

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Tue Mar 20 10:16:46 CET 2018


On 3/19/18 5:00 PM, Toan Pham wrote:
> Hi, I am very new to proxmox and I have a few questions/suggestions:
> 1.  The web-management interface is well designed, but is there a way
> (perhaps new feature) to add custom commands to the webUI?  Since I have
> node that's always powered off, but can be powered on from wake-on-lan
> network packet.  It would be really nice to have a wake-on-lan feature
> integrated to the web-UI.

Completely custom commands cannot be added for now.
Custom as in "user presses button and some arbitrary script runs on node",
has just to much security implications and hides to much for the user
what happens when the button is pressed, especially in multi-admin

As a workaround I'd add a small script which merely does:

wakeonlan MAC

on a node which is always on and execute it through the webinterfaces node
shell when needed. Not to nice but gives you what you want.

That said, just adding a "wakeonlan" feature per node (where the MAC address
used is default the one we configured vmbr0 too, and can be manually set)
sounds like a more possible feature.
No promises yet, but can you open a feature request at
https://bugzilla.proxmox.com/ so that we can track it?

> 2.  Feature to download backup archives (or templates) from web UI.

Sounds reasonable for convenience on smaller setups, bigger normally
use an automated way to pull backups from PVE nodes to remote, if wished.

Could be a problem in hosted environments where traffic is limited,
but this could be just ignored, we're a administration platform not
a hoster one... 

> 3.  Email Notification feature if something goes wrong w/ cluster or system
> resource (similar to zfs-zed).

sounds reasonable and we talked about wanting such a system (maybe I just
talked with Dominik off list, not sure anymore).
But currently nobody works on it, AFAIK.

> 4.  Be able to add another data-center center (a separate cluster) from
> web-ui.  Since I manage another cluster over a vpn network, it would be
> nice to have everything populated in one view.

There are plans for a "data center manager", i.e. manage different PVE
clusters (single or multi node clusters) through on UI/API, but this
will then be highly probably it's own project running as a CT/VM,
needs to be fleshed out more, and naturally, started to make.

So your request sounds reasonable and some of then are already planned,
but someoine must step forward actually working on it, time is here
normally the big problem...


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