[PVE-User] How to fence w/o iTCO_wdt watchdog (AMD platform)

Musee Ullah lae at lae.is
Mon Mar 19 04:57:15 CET 2018

IPMI watchdog works perfectly fine in PVE 5.x - I use it on our AMD
servers. I would assume others would work as-is too, since the watchdog
software isn't necessarily PVE-specific.
2018-03-18 (日) の 19:16 +0100 に Frank Thommen さんは書きました:
> Hello,
> I'm thinking about setting up a HA PVE Cluster.  However 
> https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/High_Availability suggests to use the 
> iTCO_wdt hardware watchdog.  As far as I understand, this watchdog
> is 
> only available on the Intel platform.  Our servers would be AMD
> servers 
> and I cannot find the /dev/watchdog device on these hosts (currently 
> running openSuSE 13.2).
> What other fencing methods can be used if no iTCO_wdt watchdog is 
> available?  All documentation referring to other fencing methods
> (iDRAC, 
> iLO, IPMI ecc.) explicitely refers to old PVE versions.  Can this 
> documentation still be used or is there other documentation that I 
> haven't found so far?
> Cheers
> frank
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