[PVE-User] Pickup a existing machine to a cluster

Gregor Burck gregor at aeppelbroe.de
Mon Mar 5 15:46:12 CET 2018

OK, I playing around on my testmachines (nested in an pve).

I could setup a node with an own cluster. This work even I reboot the machine.

pvecm status always OK

Then I pickup a other nodes, all OK within.

Then I decide to remove the new node, I turn it off. pvecm delnode  
NODE on the first machine.

After this I've still in the GUI the second deleted node and the  
status give me a vote of two.

With pvecm expected 1 I'm able to start VM on the node, but I never  
come back to a one node cluster (yes normaly you won't to, but what is  
normal in IT)

So I think there is no easy way from a two back to a one node cluster?

I think about this all 'cause I want to build a pve cluster on three  
nodes where now VM WOrkstation will do the Virtulisation. Think my way  
would bee:

1. Move the VM of one VM Workstation to another (or make a bakup wich  
I could play back to pve)
2. Setup an pve one node cluster
3. Bring the exist VM to the one node cluster
4. Kill the VM Workstation host, setup pve on the hosts and pickup to  
the cluster.
5. be happy with pve ;-)



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