[PVE-User] Unable to join cluster

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Mon Jul 30 08:52:45 CEST 2018

(note: re-send as I forgot to hit answer all, thus the list wasn't included)

Am 07/27/2018 um 08:45 PM schrieb Eric Germann:
 > I have two new Proxmox boxes in a virgin cluster.  No VM’s, etc.  The 
only thing setup on them is networking.
 > I created a cluster on the first one successfully.
 > However, I try to join the second to the cluster, I get the following 
 > Starting worker failed: unable to parse worker upid 
'UPID:pve02:00001876:00026B6B:5B5B6751:clusterjoin:2001:470:e2fc:10::160:root at pam:' 

 > The nodes are all IPv4 and IPv6 enabled.  The cluster IP as show in 
the config is IPv6.  Is this the issue?

Yes, this could be indeed a bug where our UPID parser cannot handle the
encoded IPv6 address...

 > If I put the v6 address in brackets, same error.
 > If I substitute the IPv4 address, I get the following error
 > Etablishing API connection with host ''
 > TASK ERROR: 401 401 authentication failure

Huh, that's a bit weird, sure you have the correct credentials?

 > Thoughts?  They haven’t been up more than 1 hr when this occurs.

For now you may want to use the 'pvecm add' CLI command with --use_ssh
as parameter, with this you should workaround the issue while we take a
look at this.


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