[PVE-User] ZFS, grub cannot load second stage...

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Fri Jul 20 17:56:39 CEST 2018

> Sorry, a little notes.

Again, two little notes. Finally i've, in some way, extracted the VMs
and containers form the 'dead' system and reinstalled, but this time
using TWO zfs pools.


a) i've noted that, even if i've used many tools, the 4TB set of disk
  remains with label of provious setup (linux software raid); i was
forced to use dd and write zeroes to some megabytes of the disks, not
the first 512 bytes only.

I suppose that this is the 'mother of all my troubles', but still i
 don't understand why the system worked perfectly, until i ''filled''
disks with data.

b) i've discovered that systemd does not work in chroot environment; so
 i was not able to run proxmox and only after fiddling a bit with
services i was able to mount /etc/pve filesystem and backup containers
with vzdump.
Still VMs backup does not work, so i've done a disk dump with dd and
recreated a identical machine on the reinstalled system.

Probably a page on the wiki on how to work on such 'emergency mode'
would be useful.

Sorry, i was on time shortage and so i've not appointed the procedure i
used, but roughly:

a) boot the proxmox 5.2 cd; do Ctrl-C on terminal 1 to interrupt the
 installer and have a shell (please, add some shells on the installer

b) import the 'broken' pool and mount it somewhere; mount also /proc,
 /sys and /dev and chroot within.

c) start manually pmxcfs to mount /etc/pve

d) backup containers with 'vzdump'

e) backup VMs disks with dd ('zfs list' for the list of zfs devices)

f) backup /etc for reference and for VMs parameters (eg, MAC addresses)

Clearly, to test all that stuff there's no need to have a 'broken'
system, simply boot the installer cd on a working one.


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