[PVE-User] Virt-viewer issue, advice needed for filing bug

Michiel Janssens michiel at nexigon.net
Wed Jul 18 14:27:21 CEST 2018


I'm using openSUSE Tumbleweed and recently got an update for virt-

After this change I can no longer use the spice session from proxmox
The temporary connection file from the webgui is downloaded and started
with remote viewer.
After about 10 seconds I get:
"cannot connect to grafical server"
"time-out at socket I/O

Locally on the laptop at which I initiate the connection to my proxmox
host everything works just fine.
So connecting with remote-viewer via spice://localhost:5900 to a  local
kvm spice session works ok.

I also tried to get some debugging info by starting remote-viewer with
this temporary file (have to be fast as the ticket expires), but i get
no useful info.

I'm willing to file a bug, but I i'm in doubt if this has to do with
the spice implementation inside Proxmox or that its just a bug inside
>From the link above, the linked bug mentions a change:
"With spice-gtk 0.35 the spice-controller library has been removed."

please advise to which bug tracker this should be filed.


Michiel Janssens

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