[PVE-User] About the FRR integrated into the PVE?

lyt_yudi lyt_yudi at icloud.com
Thu Jul 12 14:35:53 CEST 2018

> 在 2018年7月12日,下午6:59,Alexandre DERUMIER <aderumier at odiso.com> 写道:
> Great . with me, we are already 3 differents users who's need it :)
> I'll send documentation soon, but it's already working in my test lab.
> I'm currently trying to polish promox integration, make network config reloading possible,...
> If you have time to test next month, it could be great :)

Yes, very happy, if I can to test it!  

> well, you can do bgp,ospf with frr.
> I don't known yet if we need to manage frr.conf from proxmox gui or not. As they are so many setup possible, depending of infrastructure.
> The advantage of bgp-evpn, is that vm live migration is working, because control plane is done through bgp, learning mac address from vm, 
> and dynamicaly create routes.
> bgp/ospf, is more for the routing of the proxmox hosts underlay. (if you have a layer3 network)

Yes,  the  layer3 network it’s possible!
If it can be managed by the PVE UI, it will be more convenient and more network functions.


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