[PVE-User] Cluster issue!

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Wed Jan 31 12:36:28 CET 2018


On 1/31/18 11:50 AM, Gilberto Nunes wrote:
> Hi Ian
> In my case, I am just installed to make some tests, so I have installed it
> inside other proxmox, you know? Nested Virt.
> So I guess this is the cause, 'cause in this scenario, there's no way to
> use multcast, or there'is??

For sure, I have multiple nested cluster (PVE in PVE) using multicast
just fine.

We cannot autodetect if unicast is needed on join or create,
as testing this requires the knowledge about all other node
members. There are no other members on create and we do not know
of the other members yet on join.
A good working detection (i.e. virtually no false positive) needs
also > 5 minutes time, not ideal either.

But, we could add a 'unicast' flag to 'pvecm create' and 'pvecm add'
so that an admin can set just this when needed, no manual editing needed.


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