[PVE-User] proxmox 5.1-36 node hanging with 100% CPU

Miguel González miguel_3_gonzalez at yahoo.es
Tue Jan 30 11:07:24 CET 2018

I have got a new hang today of this VM while the other VM is working
without a sweat.

Some person in the Proxmox Facebook group said that It could be the use
of scsi driver on ZFS instead of using virtio. I thought scsi was the
recommended driver.

If I have to move to virtio, can I just change it or do I have to make
any change on the CentOS guest OS?



On 01/16/18 1:54 PM, Miguel González wrote:
> Hi,
>   I migrated two proxmox virtual machines from Proxmox 4.4 to 5.1. I
> took advantage and I migrated to ZFS. The old server had SATA disks
> while the new one has SSD disks.
>   I have only two VPS running in this server. Both running Centos 6.9,
> one plesk and the other one Cpanel.
>   The Plesk machine has been running without issues since the migration.
> It has only 8 Gb of RAM and two CPUs.
>   the Cpanel machine had in the old server 2 CPUs and since the
> migration I increased it to 4 CPUs. Today after two crashes I have
> decided to downgrade it to 2 CPUs just in case. RAM has been always 17 Gb.
>   Cpanel support doesn´t find the issue and since the other VPS is
> working as a charm I can´t blame Proxmox for this.
>   So my questions:
>   - I haven´t found any log in proxmox /var/log/messages reporting the
> high CPU usage (100% found this morning). Where should I look at?
>   - Is there any way I can restart the VPS when is hanged? I.e.: CPU
> 100% for let´s say X minutes, restart the VPS.
>   Thanks!
>   Miguel

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