[PVE-User] TAP interface names persistent?

Josh Knight josh at noobbox.com
Wed Jan 24 17:25:07 CET 2018


When using bridged mode, each VM network device gets a tap device on the
host (for example, tap100i1 and tap100i2.)  My question is, are these names
predictable/persistent?  As in if I have say 10 VMs and I reboot them in
different orders or reboot the host, will each VM use its same tapX
interface every time?

I'm looking to use openvswitch to automate placing VMs on different
VLANs/bonds/etc, and from the looks of it, I would need to know the tapX
interface name.  I have an external asset management database I can track
this in, but this assumes that the tapX interface name never changes.

For example, I would automate commands such as

    ovs-vsctl add-port vmbr1 tap100i2 tag=1341

Any insights/commands/configs to check would be helpful.  If there's a
proxmox command to dump the VM->tap interface name I think that would also



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