[PVE-User] Proxmox to libvirt conversion?

Andre Goree andre at drenet.net
Fri Jan 12 18:47:41 CET 2018

Hello all.  I'm wondering if anyone on this list has come across the
need to convert a Proxmox VM to a libvirt VM.  Given that they use the
same underlying technology (qemu/KVM), I'm pretty sure it's possible and
just a matter of hashing out the differences in configuration (i.e.
creating the necessary libvirt xml for the Proxmox disk), but figured
I'd ask here first in case anyone has dealt with this.

Thanks in advance!

Andre Goree
Email     - andre at drenet.net
Website   - http://blog.drenet.net
PGP key   - http://www.drenet.net/pubkey.html

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