[PVE-User] qm live migration with local storage

boris.tassou at securmail.fr boris.tassou at securmail.fr
Fri Jan 12 11:44:07 CET 2018


This is the situation, i have 3 nodes with Proxmox 5 with this specs :
- storage full lvm
- no HA activate
- no shared storage
- 1GB links dedicated to admin/migraiton

I want to migrate some VMs from node 2 (guerech) to node 3 (barbetorte).

Pveversion on node 2 :

Pveversion on node 3 :

I use this command to launch the migration :
root at guerech:/etc/pve# qm migrate 700 barbetorte --with-local-disks 1 

When it failed, i have this result :

drive-virtio1: transferred: 34361769984 bytes remaining: 0 bytes total: 
34361769984 bytes progression: 100.00 % busy: 0 ready: 1
drive-virtio0: transferred: 6753878016 bytes remaining: 14720958464 
bytes total: 21474836480 bytes progression: 31.45 % busy: 1 ready: 0
drive-virtio0: Cancelling block job
drive-virtio1: Cancelling block job
drive-virtio1: Done.
drive-virtio0: Done.
2018-01-10 00:13:02 ERROR: online migrate failure - mirroring error: 
drive-virtio1: mirroring has been cancelled
2018-01-10 00:13:02 aborting phase 2 - cleanup resources
2018-01-10 00:13:02 migrate_cancel
2018-01-10 00:13:08 ERROR: command '/usr/bin/ssh -e none -o 
'BatchMode=yes' -o 'HostKeyAlias=barbetorte' root at pvesm free 
VMData:vm-700-disk-2' failed: exit code 5
2018-01-10 00:13:14 ERROR: command '/usr/bin/ssh -e none -o 
'BatchMode=yes' -o 'HostKeyAlias=barbetorte' root at pvesm free 
VMData:vm-700-disk-1' failed: exit code 5
2018-01-10 00:13:17 ERROR: migration finished with problems (duration 

I have the space disk available on the node 3. When i launch the live 
migration, the VM is up and online.

The VM conf file :


I see on the forum sometimes it can perform live migration with local 
storage, sometines it's not, i don't know what to think. For example :

I don't know where to search or what i need to see.

Can you help me?

Thank you for your time!

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