[PVE-User] lxc snapshot rollback faliure

Daniel Batta d.batta at optiwella.com
Mon Feb 26 17:16:28 CET 2018


I have a server with proxmox installed. I set up the dayli auto snapshot.
Today I try to rollback to a snapshot but it failed, because of my disk
full. I remove a few snapshot, but my CT doesn't start. I try to rollback,
but failed also:

lvremove 'pve/vm-100-disk-1' error: Failed to find logical volume

I check it and I don't see vm-100-disk-1 on my lvm-local storage.

lvdisplay show: /dev/pve/snap_vm-100-disk-1_autodaily180224000016
lvscan see the snapshot lvm disk, but it's inactive.

The space for this CT allocated on the disk. How can I get it back?

Dániel Batta

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