[PVE-User] Orphaned entries in Ceph crush map

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Mon Feb 19 11:09:43 CET 2018

Hi Karsten,

IIRC this is normal and only a placeholder.

Do you See the OSDs also with ceph osd tree?

If "no" then Everything is ok. 

- Mehmet  

Am 16. Februar 2018 21:55:27 MEZ schrieb Karsten Becker <karsten.becker at ecologic.eu>:
>during the reorgainzation of my Cephb cluster I removed some OSDs.
>Obviously something went wrong for 2 of them, osd.19 and osd.20.
>If I get my current Crush map, decompile and edit them, I see 2
>orphaned/stale entries for the former OSDs:
>> device 16 osd.16 class hdd
>> device 17 osd.17 class hdd
>> device 18 osd.18 class hdd
>> device 19 device19
>> device 20 device20
>> device 21 osd.21 class hdd
>> device 22 osd.22 class hdd
>> device 23 osd.23 class hdd
>If I delete them from the Crush map (file), recompile it and set it
>productive - they appear again... if I get the current map again and
>decompile them, they are in again.
>So how to get rid of these entries?
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