[PVE-User] CephFS on Proxmox cluster

Mike O'Connor mike at oeg.com.au
Sun Feb 11 04:01:05 CET 2018

On 6/02/2018 8:26 PM, Mark Schouten wrote:
> Hi,
> Is anyone actively using CephFS served by a Proxmox cluster. AFAICS there is 
> no technical problem to configure a Proxmox cluster to serve CephFS, but I'm 
> looking for pros and cons.
> Thanks,
I have a cluster with a CephFS configured, I seem to have an issue
something in side of Bluestore metadata causing OSDs to segfault.

At this time I have no answer to the issue but it looking like there
might be an issue in side of rocksdb which is the database used in the
Bluestore system.

I have no idea if its going to get fixed any time soon, the major
problem is going to be getting any patches on my system for testing.

Anyone got any ideas on how I could build my own copy of the proxmox
ceph version with patches if I need to ?


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