[PVE-User] Proxmox Ceph with differents HDD Size

Chance Ellis chance_ellis at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 22 21:22:59 CEST 2018

Yes, you can mix and match drive sizes on ceph. 

Caution: heterogeneous environments do provide challenges. You will want to set your osd weight on the 8TB drives to 2x what the 4TB drives are. In doing so, however, realize the 8TB drives will be expected to "perform" 2x as much as the 4TB drives. If the 8TB are not 2x "faster" the cluster will slow down as the 8TB drives are over worked. To resolve this phenomenon, look into primary_affinity. Primary_affinity allows you to adjust the amount of load on a disk without reducing the amount of data it can contain. 


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    Hi there
    It's possible create a Ceph cluster with 4 servers, which has differents
    disk sizes:
    Server A - 2x 4TB
    Server B, C - 2x 8TB
    Server D - 2x 4TB
    This is ok?
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