[PVE-User] Node reinstallation

Phil Schwarz infolist at schwarz-fr.net
Sun Apr 1 14:43:47 CEST 2018


let's assume a 5-nodes working Proxmox  cluster.

1 node dies because of system disk failure.

Got enough OSD to be safe regarding the replacation.

Before going into weird issues, i'd like to get some advices on the best 
way to go.

Step 1. Reinstall & reconfigure (same IP, same SSH keys,, passwords,..) 
the new node

Step 2. pvecm add IP-of-cluster -force

Step 3. Let's rebalance get automatically into a more stable state with 
the new (/same ?) crushmap. ??

My questions :

- Is point 2 relevant ?
- Will the OSD (which remained unchanged) get into the OSD tree well, 
with same wights, same ID, and so on.
- Do i have to be  suspicious about the whole operation ?

Thanks by advance.

Best regards

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