[PVE-User] Impossible to start VMs automatically if the proxmox hosts started without SAN volume groups at boot once

Alexis Bosson alexis.bosson at ovsg.univ-ag.fr
Tue Sep 26 20:52:37 CEST 2017

Le 26/09/2017 à 13:35, Alexis Bosson a écrit :
> I still don't know why LVM2 doesn't anymore starts after multipathd. 
> The boot order is correct, but in syslog, multipathd saw the disks one 
> second after lvm2 start. 
In fact, the problem with LVM2 not waiting for multipathd is not 
important, because Proxmox activates the needed LVs without needing LVM2 
to be configured. The problem that we had was that the Proxmox servers 
started before the availability of the SAN arrays.

But it's annoying that Proxmox blocks the VMs and that we can't start 
them after that, without disabling them and enable them manually.

We'd like to know if this problem is solved in Proxmox v5.


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