[PVE-User] pve-kernel-4.13.4 --> tg3

David Lawley davel at upilab.com
Tue Oct 24 13:47:32 CEST 2017

pastebin logs if any help.


I know there are a few other errors listed, you will need to search for 
the tg3 stuff

sure would like to get rid of these, but no more slots and they are 
built in.. :(

On 10/23/2017 8:19 AM, David Lawley wrote:
> I know the tg3 stuff is really crap, but just wanted to say that 
> pve-kernel-4.13.4 broke tg3 devices on my test node.
> Had to fall back to 4.10.17 to get them working again...
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