[PVE-User] Proxmox 4.4, Ceph Hammer and Ceph Luminous

Mark Schouten mark at tuxis.nl
Wed Oct 18 10:47:09 CEST 2017


I have a Proxmox 4.4 cluster, which is connected to two Ceph clusters. One of them is running Hammer, the other is running Luminous (since this morning).

All running VM's seem to be fine and working, but the Proxmox webinterface froze. It looks like the default Rados-client in Debian (
root at proxmox2-1:~# rados -v
ceph version 0.80.7 (6c0127fcb58008793d3c8b62d925bc91963672a3)
is incompatible with Ceph Luminous.

2017-10-18 10:43:54.285544 7fa394755700 -1 failed to decode message of type 59 v1: buffer::malformed_input: __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ unknown encoding version > 9

That is a bit surprising, imho. But OK, there are a few versions in between.

The question is, can I install a Ceph Luminous client on the Proxmox machines (add Ceph Luminous to the sources.list, dist-upgrade) and be happy? Or am I going to have trouble connecting to my older Hammer cluster using a Luminous client?

For now, I disabled the whole storage-entry in storage.cfg for the Luminous cluster to prevent Proxmox from hanging on /usr/bin/rados. Has anybody installed a Luminous client on Proxmox 4.4 ?

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