[PVE-User] Infiniband as Network backend for Ceph&Proxmox

Phil Schwarz infolist at schwarz-fr.net
Sat Oct 7 17:12:48 CEST 2017

able to rebuild a brand new cluster, i wonder about using as backend 
storage a bunch of 4 Mellanox ConnectX DDR with a Flextronics or 
Voltaire IB Switch.
1. Does this setup be supported ? I found a drbd doc related to IB, but 
not a ceph's one.
2. Should i use IPoIB or RDMA instead ? I'm not afraid of performances 
drawbacks with IPoIB (every node has a max of 5 disk).It'a a test 
lab/home use cluster.

So, appart of being really fun, and really cheap (whole subsystem should 
be under 250€), i wonder of the potential use of such a huge network 

Does anyone use, with success, IB for Ceph & Proxmox ?

Best regards

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