[PVE-User] I/O saturation

Tonči Stipičević tonci at suma-informatika.hr
Tue Oct 3 07:55:47 CEST 2017

Hello to all,

It's been a while , allmost every morning proxmox host is allmost dead 
and aproximatellz at 7:40 AM  it "wakes up" and continues to work in 
real time.

I saved screen shot on this location (password :  proxtemp)


I/O is at 100% and cpu is ver very low ... at 7:25  I had to reboot it 
from kvm/ipmi console because we could wait any more

There is no any scheduled activity that could cause something like that .

I kindly ask for a hint where could I look (logs, ...)  in order to 
diagnose what causes such strange behaviour ?

Thank you very much in advance

and BR


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